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Who's Who Among Winter Milk Producers

By 1917, Johannes Schmick has established himself as both a farm owner and milk producer [400 pounds per day?] in the Town of Warwick. He received US citizenship on April 13. 1912.

The Warwick Dispatch [Warwick, NY], February 28, 1917

Who's Who Among Winter Milk Producers

What Some of Our Dairy Farmers are Doing to Reduce the H.C. of L

Borden's at New Milford [hamlet of Warwick, NY]

Farmers who sell milk to the Borden creamery at New Milford had the following record for the day [ pounds of milk]:

W.P. Baird                     532
H.F. Berger                    572
L.J. Campbell                478
Alfred Ely, Jr., No. 1     727
Alfred Ely, Jr., No. 2     265
Alfred Ely, Jr., No. 3     681
Mrs. S.C. Fancher         490
G.F. Howell                  551
Mrs. J.W. House           126
J. A. Houston, milking machine used  383
Mrs. J. Jeffers               139
W. Leeper                     315
R.L. Morehous             348
Paul Mezey                  169
Thomas Mabee            204
E. Northrup                1036
James Park                   304
H. Parker                      225
G.D. Ryerson               911
J.H. Ryerson, No.1      716
J.H. Ryerson, No. 2     464
Rutherford & Paddock Bros. milking machine used    535
J. Schmick [Johannes]   400
C. Schmick [Conrad]     366
H. Schmick [Heinrich]   290
M. Schmick [Martin]     334
Phillip Schadt                 350
L. Taylor                          904
Mrs. W. Utter                   357
W.C. Vandervort              369
L.R. Martain, Jr.               252
L.J. Van Vessem                 98
Ira Shaw                           170
G.A. Cooper                     254

Milk production for farmers who sell milk to the Warwick creamery of the Central Dairy Company and Borden's of Wisner are also documented in this article.   

Passage to America, S.S. Bulgaria from Hamburg, 1898

The Schmicks, according to family lore, originated from Budingen, near Frankfurt, and between 1763-1764 moved to what became Jogodnaja, outside of Saratov, Russia (60 miles northwest), on the Volga River. It was from Jogodnaja (Jagodnaja Polyana, Pobochnoye, or a daughter colony of Schaental). It was from Jogodnaja that Johannes Schmick (February 9, 1865-February 24, 1943) and wife Catherina Schadt Schmick ( December 24, 1866-1956), and their children: Alexander 1886-1957), Phillip (1890-1969), John (1894-1972), and Peter (March 12, 1898-10/1977; he was only weeks old when he made the passage!) immigrated to the US via Hamburg.
In addition, Conrad, Johannes' full brother (1862-1938) is also listed as a passenger. On the manifest (fragment below) it says both Johannes and Conrad Schmick's destination is their stepbrother Conrad Schmick in Pine Island, NY.  Also, accompanying the brothers is Maria (Mary?) (1861-1945?) and her children Peter, 11, Heinrich, 9, and Anna, 20. There is some confusion about whether Maria is mother or sister to the two men, as an age for Maria is listed as 53 years? It is also known that Johannes married Catharina in 1883 in Yagodnaja, Russia. Johannes served in the Imperial Russian Army. 
There is speculation that because army service was often a lifetime commitment ( he would have been conscripted) Johannes may have been able to buy his way out of service with the death of his father who likely owned farmland. The death of the elder Schmick would support the idea that Maria, the mother to the two Schmicks on the S.S. Bulgaria, came to America as a widow with her eldest sons Johannes and Conrad; Maria was likely a second wife to the elder Schmick (name unknown---possibly "Conrad"as this name was used quite often and multiple times in one generation). The "Conrad Schmick" to be met by Johannes and Conrad in Pine Island, NY was likely a half brother from their father's first marriage.
Any insights are welcome?    

S.S. Bulgaria From Hamburg

April 28, 1898

Johannes Schmick
Catharina Schmick
Peter Schmick

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Schmick Family Portrait, Circa 1907

Front Row- Left to Right

Circa 1907

John [Johannes] Schmick (1865-1943), Catherine (sitting on lap of father John)
Catherine [Catherina] Schmick, Paul ( sitting on mother Catherine's lap)

Back Row-Left to Right

Martin (1900-1975) (standing next to father Johannes)

Elizabeth, William, and August were not born yet.

Obituary of John Schmick

To the translation [ this obit was published in the German language newspaper Kirchenbote Vol. 61 #26 29 Apr. 1943] ]

John Schmick was born on February 9, 1865 in Russia. In the year 1883 he married Catherine Schade [Schadt]. Over the years fifteen children were born [ three children died in Russia], one daughter and two sons were born in Russia. In 1899 [1898] the family Schmick came from russia to Pine Island, New York. They were part of the st. Paul Church , and John helped build it. On Friday, on the 19th of February he was overcome by a stroke and had to be brought to Warwick Hospital, where he died on Wednesday the 24th of February 1943. I am having trouble with this next sentence, because it's hard for me to read High German, but I think it has something to do with the family having some kind of religious service at the church--the end says something like "where a God and Giving was stopped." I don't know what that means. many tears were shed at the service. The burial was on Friday 26 of February with many mourners staying. the family left behind were; a wife, eight sons, four daughters, 61 grandchildren, eight great-grandchildren and two brothers and many friends. When he died he was 78 years and 14 days.

United States Census, 1930

Catherine Schmich [sic]

Minisink, Orange, New York


Age: 63

Marital Status: Married

Race: White

Birthplace: Russia

Estimated Birth Year: 1867 [1866]

Immigration Year: 1890 [1898]

Father's Birthplace: Russia

Mother's Birthplace: Russia

Emuneration District Number: 0043

Family Number: 12

Sheet Number and Letter: 1A

Line Number: 35

NARA Publication: T626, roll 1632

Fim Number: 2341366

Digital Folder Number: 4639202

Image Number: 01061

Household                     Gender     Age

Catherine Schmich [sic] F 63 [64]
Martin Schmich [sic] M 38 [30]
Paul Schmich [sic] M 22
August Schmich [sic]M 16
William Schmich [sic] M 16  

Letter from Orange County Clerk's office [Charles E. Dusenberry, Clerk], Goshen, NY, Dated March 26, 1931, to Mr. Peter Schmick, 786.....St., Bridgeport, Conn.

Dear Sir:
       Reference is made to your letter of 25th, inst.
relative to your status as a United States citizen.
       We have searched the indices of naturalization
on file in this office and such search reveals that your
your father John Schmick was admitted to citizenship in this
court on April 13, 1912.
       Your name appears on the petition as one of his
children, the birth place given as Yzal, Russia and the date
of birth March 12, 1898 [Feb. 12]. As you were fourteen years of age
when you [sic] father became a citizen you derived citizenship
through your father's paper.

                                   Yours very truly,

                                  [H.L.?] Riverkamp
                                  [Nturalization ?] Clerk