Saturday, February 16, 2013

Obituary of John Schmick

To the translation [ this obit was published in the German language newspaper Kirchenbote Vol. 61 #26 29 Apr. 1943] ]

John Schmick was born on February 9, 1865 in Russia. In the year 1883 he married Catherine Schade [Schadt]. Over the years fifteen children were born [ three children died in Russia], one daughter and two sons were born in Russia. In 1899 [1898] the family Schmick came from russia to Pine Island, New York. They were part of the st. Paul Church , and John helped build it. On Friday, on the 19th of February he was overcome by a stroke and had to be brought to Warwick Hospital, where he died on Wednesday the 24th of February 1943. I am having trouble with this next sentence, because it's hard for me to read High German, but I think it has something to do with the family having some kind of religious service at the church--the end says something like "where a God and Giving was stopped." I don't know what that means. many tears were shed at the service. The burial was on Friday 26 of February with many mourners staying. the family left behind were; a wife, eight sons, four daughters, 61 grandchildren, eight great-grandchildren and two brothers and many friends. When he died he was 78 years and 14 days.

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