Saturday, February 16, 2013

Letter from Orange County Clerk's office [Charles E. Dusenberry, Clerk], Goshen, NY, Dated March 26, 1931, to Mr. Peter Schmick, 786.....St., Bridgeport, Conn.

Dear Sir:
       Reference is made to your letter of 25th, inst.
relative to your status as a United States citizen.
       We have searched the indices of naturalization
on file in this office and such search reveals that your
your father John Schmick was admitted to citizenship in this
court on April 13, 1912.
       Your name appears on the petition as one of his
children, the birth place given as Yzal, Russia and the date
of birth March 12, 1898 [Feb. 12]. As you were fourteen years of age
when you [sic] father became a citizen you derived citizenship
through your father's paper.

                                   Yours very truly,

                                  [H.L.?] Riverkamp
                                  [Nturalization ?] Clerk

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