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Who's Who Among Winter Milk Producers

By 1917, Johannes Schmick has established himself as both a farm owner and milk producer [400 pounds per day?] in the Town of Warwick. He received US citizenship on April 13. 1912.

The Warwick Dispatch [Warwick, NY], February 28, 1917

Who's Who Among Winter Milk Producers

What Some of Our Dairy Farmers are Doing to Reduce the H.C. of L

Borden's at New Milford [hamlet of Warwick, NY]

Farmers who sell milk to the Borden creamery at New Milford had the following record for the day [ pounds of milk]:

W.P. Baird                     532
H.F. Berger                    572
L.J. Campbell                478
Alfred Ely, Jr., No. 1     727
Alfred Ely, Jr., No. 2     265
Alfred Ely, Jr., No. 3     681
Mrs. S.C. Fancher         490
G.F. Howell                  551
Mrs. J.W. House           126
J. A. Houston, milking machine used  383
Mrs. J. Jeffers               139
W. Leeper                     315
R.L. Morehous             348
Paul Mezey                  169
Thomas Mabee            204
E. Northrup                1036
James Park                   304
H. Parker                      225
G.D. Ryerson               911
J.H. Ryerson, No.1      716
J.H. Ryerson, No. 2     464
Rutherford & Paddock Bros. milking machine used    535
J. Schmick [Johannes]   400
C. Schmick [Conrad]     366
H. Schmick [Heinrich]   290
M. Schmick [Martin]     334
Phillip Schadt                 350
L. Taylor                          904
Mrs. W. Utter                   357
W.C. Vandervort              369
L.R. Martain, Jr.               252
L.J. Van Vessem                 98
Ira Shaw                           170
G.A. Cooper                     254

Milk production for farmers who sell milk to the Warwick creamery of the Central Dairy Company and Borden's of Wisner are also documented in this article.   

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